Kristián is an emerging multidisciplinary designer/maker/artist with a Slovakian background living his dream in Scotland. Kristián graduated from Woodwork and Design at the School of Applied Art Bratislava in 2016 and a BA(Hons) in Three-dimensional Design at Robert Gordon University Aberdeen in 2020. Both courses allowed him to develop a strong foundation in product design, prototyping, and manufacturing. His approach to design is driven by empathy, understanding of the user, and experience (functionality). 
Kristián’s creative focus is two-fold. On one hand, he developed an affection towards traditional crafts, such as woodwork and ceramics (which is currently more of a hobby). Hence, any hands-on production, from making physical assets to event production, makes him enthusiastic. 
On the other hand, he is diving deeper into digital design (CAD), graphic design, and marketing. As a studio designer at Powderkeg Production, he uses 3D modelling and visualisations to create impactful marketing concepts and assets for drinks brands. He is passionate about bringing brands to life and designing memorable experiences. Kristián wants to pursue this path and gain more experience and knowledge in 3D animation and videography. 
In his free time, Kristián adores spending time outdoors. Hiking, exercising, and dancing are his biggest go-to. He is environmentally oriented and enjoys cooking and organising dinner parties with his friends. 

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