(IN)Space is an installation that questions the general perception of a space, be it interior or exterior, and the emotional response one has while experiencing such a space. Space is not always about practicality, because we not always ‘do’ when being in a space. We also think, feel and contemplate. Therefore, the classical rhythms of conventional spaces are disturbed and diminished to highlight the latter. The participant becomes an explorer – a contemplating poet finding a meaning and an emotional connection. The structure is made up of three main elements: rationality, irrationality and dreaminess. Each element is represented by a characteristic of the structure. 
Always fascinated by the difference of the way interior/exterior is perceived, I questioned what does it essentially mean to be in a space and what does space mean or what can it mean. The brief moment of transition from interior to exterior or vice versa alters the way we feel and respond to our surrounding, and this occurrence powered the entire project from start to finish.
The Process
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