Pulse is prototype of a pen and a penholder that reflects on the way we live today. Technology, such as smartphones, surround us everywhere, sometimes controlling or limiting our own actions. in other cases, technology can create distractions. 50% os smartphone users state that they get easily distracted while working and 73% thinks that they their smartphone too much. But where does it all start? Most people get distracted by the screen turning on when receiving a notification.
Pulse, considering the latter, is a reflective and a contradictory product. The built.in NFC tag allows the user to switch their notification and sounds off, however, the LEDs in the penholder are programmed to randomly turn on and pulse for a limited period of time, thus creating a small disturbance just like a notification does.
The penholder is made up of wooden CNC-machined parts. The design of the pen is based on the swiping movement and is produced out of plywood to represent the layering of the swipes.
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